Press Release issued by Greg Chorvas, Superintendent of Cantine Veterans Sports Complex, Parks and Buildings

Updated Monday June 29, 2015 by Saugerties Athletic Association.

Press Release issued by Greg Chorvas, Superintendent of Cantine Veterans Sports Complex, Parks and Buildings, as follows:

Unfortunately, we have experienced two ugly incidents at the Cantine Veterans Sports Complex, recently. One, on a youth softball field, during a girls youth softball tournament game, Children who were playing, along with children in attendance, witnessed and were subject to adults (Moms) fighting, biting and pulling hair.

The second, involved a cowardly physical assault on a Saugerties Athletic Association (SAA) Umpire. The SAA Board of Directors has banned the individual for life from all SAA sports and has sent a very strong and clear message to others who were involved, along with notifications to all teams and players this type of behavior will not be allowed, nor will it be tolerated. Likewise, with this incident, some youth witnessed this physical assault.

In both cases, there were people from out of Town who saw the ugliness of only a very few individuals. In no way does this represent “Saugerties”, nor the Sports Complex.

I have received several dozens of communications (email, call, in-person, etc.) and I have assured, as I will reiterate here, incidents such as these, will not be tolerated in the Complex and appropriate measures shall be taken, similar to those that have been taken in these two cases, such as the right to enjoy the privilege of the Complex, along with revoking said privilege to enter, remain upon or use the Complex and other Town Owned Parks.

The Sports Complex has gained reputation and is well known for the family oriented sports programs and activities, along with the many related amenities and services we offer for everyone, from the very young to our seniors. Recreation, relaxation, having fun and enjoying the great outdoors, along with quality of life enhancements is what it is all about and what we are all about, not about the two ugly incidents we have experienced.

Plain and simple, there was no reason whatsoever for either of these occurrences. Ten year old children having fun…….adults engaged in a recreational softball game. What kind of permanent scar will be entrenched in the minds of those young children? What permanent eye and/or head damage will the umpire brutally assaulted incur for the giving of his services in umpiring a recreational game of softball?

Additionally, what kind of message does this project to a new business that opened in Saugerties and shelled out upwards of $1,000? What did they get from becoming active in the community and sponsoring a local team?.......Having their business, their name, their reputation dragged through such a horrible scenario. Does a new, or any business, deserve this? Those involved should be ashamed of themselves and owe the entire community their apologies.

I am sorry and extend my apologies to all who witnessed, the children and to the Umpire, along with the sponsoring business, I give my reassurances, modifications and additional measures have been put in place, or are in the process of, to combat any such ugly reoccurrence. Further, I reiterate, in no way does this represent the Saugerties Community, nor the Sports Complex. Thank You!!!

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